About our Organic Sugaring Center


The Organic Sugaring Center started in 2014 with the passion of using organic products. Sugaring is a 100% natural form of body hair removal method. Our hair removal paste is so organic, you could eat it: it’s made from just sugar, lemon and water. This recipe makes the process gentler on skin, as does the paste’s ability to be applied at body temperature. Plus, the sugar adheres only to hair, not live skin cells, which can make sugaring less painful than other forms of hair removal. What’s more, the paste can exfoliate dry and dead cells and since it’s water-soluble, any residue is easily cleaned from the skin. Organic Sugaring Center’s aestheticians perform full-body treatments for both men and women.


We specialize on Brazilian!!


Brazilians which can be done in a variety of fun shapes and completely customized to suit the client’s needs. Using sugaring paste for a full Brazilian requires skill if it is to be done well. With the proper prepping of the skin and our unique technique, not only is pain minimized, but it is also more efficient and gentle than other types of waxing. Our Brazilians are done in just 10-15 minutes. We never reuse or double-dip our sugaring paste. Because of our attention to detail and superior technique, we have been able to rapidly increase the number of returning clients. We invite you to “Experience the Difference”.