(Before & After Care)


Sugaring is usually a less painful way to remove hair, but you are still removing hair from the follicle, so it may hurt! It’s best to expect the worst, so it hopefully will not be as bad as expected.

    Here are some tips to prepare you for your visit:

    1. Before your sugaring appointment, make sure your hair is at least 1/8 of an inch long.
    2. Ask your doctor about taking an anti-inflammatory. This may help with the pain.
    3. It is not advised that you get your first sugaring when you are ovulating. This is because your body could be more sensitive, and this could increase the pain.
    4. Try to avoid scheduling an appointment during your period. If you have your period for your appointment and you really need to get sugared, wearing a tampon is recommended.
    5. Exfoliate your skin two days before your appointment. This can make it easier for the hair to be removed.


After Care

We recommend exfoliating your skin two days after your sugaring procedure and every other day until your next visit. This will help to remove built up dead skin cells, which can clog the surface of your skin and cause ingrown hairs. Although exfoliating is helpful toward preventing the ingrown hairs, doing it every day could cause sensitivity to your skin surface.